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Foutz & Bursum has been a leader in the construction industry since its incorporation in 1954.  Quality of work and continued growth has and will always be our main goals.

Our location in Bloomfield, New Mexico provides the foundation for us to pursue our goals and provide a higher level of service to our customers.   As we look to the future, a focus goal for Foutz & Bursum is to develop a stronger working relationship with our customers, and offer a higher level of product, service and safety.  

Our Mission

Quality of work is a focus point for our employees and the need to perform in a quick and timely manner, while keeping up the highest level of safety is priority one.

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Contact information

Address:       Foutz & Bursum Construction Co. Inc. Foutz & Bursum Construction Co. Inc
                      P. O. Box 187  501 E. Kansas    
                      3201 N. 1st   
                      Bloomfield, NM  87413     Jal, NM   88252
Telephone:   505-634-4000 575-395-2200
Fax:               505-634-2531 575-395-2202